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Find #yourflock with Spendlove and Lamb

Once upon your story - Spendlove and Lamb

Hello, I am Megan Davis and I run the community building enterprise, Spendlove and Lamb. At Spendlove and Lamb I provide content for digital communications, this includes writing for blogs, social media and newsletters.

I am currently repositioning my business. I have been operating as a social media content management business for the past year and a half. I am now looking to move into workshop facilitation and consultancy.   I am using all of my networks to promote my new workshops, but I know that isn’t enough. I have to create my own buzz. I am focused on redefining how people use social media. I am very much in line with Seth Godin’s view that you must speak to the few and they will become the many. I am going against the grain with the current belief that the Internet is a popularity contest. My workshops focus on creating meaningful engagement. I teach people a framework of thinking, and stress quality not quantity. I emphasize the value of highly engaged contacts and sharing your content or others within the framework of a proper context. A carefully curated support network is the new currency in an overly statured internet.

I focus on Twitter as a low barrier tool to network and make contact those who can support and move people closer to their future business goals. To learn more about my approach with Twitterversity, have a look at my website – or take a look at my Twitter feed @Spendlovelamb.

I am updating this project as I complete each section. If you like what I am doing please check back!



Your Business or Brand:

Spendlove and Lamb tells your story. I build communities for businesses who build strong communities. I use online communication to create conversations for businesses as a consultant or as a service provider. I focus on working with small businesses and individuals to help them build the networks they need to sustain and grow their business.


11 Questions:


1.) What is Marketing for? What does this department/function/budget exist to do?

Marketing is really about networking for me. You must find the correct group of people who will help your business grow. This can be financially, but also by exposing you to new opportunities for growth. This can come in the form of information, supportive networks and experiences. Marketing is for growth of the more elusive stuff that makes life the most amazing experience it can be.


2.) What are we allowed to touch?

Since I am the only person running my business, I have to touch everything. I have to touch the finances, the planning, the networking and the product. I have to reach out to people. I cannot be afraid to touch whatever I have to and get my hands dirty. I have my fingers in every pie, and I have baked those pies from scratch!


3.) What can we as marketers measure?

I can measure my website traffic, my twitter impressions and Facebook insights.  What is more difficult to measure is how well people are doing with their training after they finish a workshop or consultancy. This is really what is most important to me. I want them to do well. Also I want them to spread the word of how my training is helping them to achieve their goals.

I think one way to ensure this is to stay in touch. I believe I should schedule tweets after the workshop or consultancy ends to check in with the participants on a regular basis.

4.) What can we change?

I would like to focus on changing how people perceive social media. The perception that I come across frequently is that social media is a waste of time. It will be a waste of time if that is how that person sees it. They will follow people who provide nothing but different ways to distract or entertain. This is a very passive way to experience networking. I teach people to become an active voice online as opposed to a passive consumer.

It is about changing perceptions through education. The more workshops I do the more this message is going to spread organically. I am currently looking to position myself so that I can connect my brand to this organic growth. I want to ensure that I am able to access this conversation. I have developed a few hashtags which I encourage people to use, #yourflock and #twitterversity. In the initial stages this seems to be working well. I just need to expand on this and keep it rolling.

Check out my #yourflock here.


5.) What promise are you going to make?

I make the promise that I will explore their passion for that they do and turn it into a narrative to grow their flock of followers.

I will not promise 1,000’s of fans or followers. I promise to help them find the few that are out there who want to hear what they have to say. This authenticity is what will help them speak to the right people.


6.) What’s the hard part?

The education process of explaining why I am different and why people need me is hard. I am currently looking to grow my network to assist with this process.

The hard part is also getting people to spend the money on my training courses. They are not highly priced. I also know when someone really thinks something is nessisary, they will find the money. So far I have had 100s of views on my events, but no one has committed yet. It may be because no one else has signed up yet? There is a lot of phycology at play here. I have asked people about the price point and they have said they thought it was fair. So it isn’t the money, it is about building more intrinsic value in what I do. It is hard to have the insight to know what people’s needs are on a deeper level. It isn’t enough to simply say, everyone needs Twitter to promote their business. What I need is convey why they need me and my unique vision. I am looking to explore that here and now!


7.) Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

I am very much following trends. People spending large parts of their days online will not be changing anytime soon. I do believe that there is a slow change in how people want to engage online. The idea that quality is the most important part of online community building is gaining momentum. I need to connect more with other people who feel the same way so we can promote this idea further. Our few will help to convey this message to the many. This supportive non competitive framework is very important to idea distribution.


8.) Where is the risk?

If I do not develop content which can be delivered without me I will be constrained by my time and what I can charge for it. If I don’t get more people doing workshops I will begin to financially struggle as well which is not a good place to be in.

There is a risk that I will not produce results with the workshops. That people will not apply the principles I have taught them. I think it is imperative to keep an open dialogue on Twitter to ensure they are engaged and productive. The follow up scheduled Tweets will remind them to apply what they have learned or congradulate successes.


9.) Who is in charge?

 Ultimately, just me.


10.) Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

I am spending money on promotion and networking. I go to events and hand out business cards. I spend money on business cards and postcards about my twitter workshops. 

11.) How should you be spending your time?

I spend a lot of time talking to people. I think of unusual ways to promote my business. At the moment I spend a lot time making little bird statues to leave in places where people can find them. There are instructions to tweet me to collect a prize. I just got my first person today who found a bird. I offered her free Twitter training in exchange for promotion through her networks. In my experience generosity comes back to you. This is something that cannot be measured, but it is exciting to see what happens.

My 4 P's


Placement – 

I am part of the conscious capitalist movement. I identify with being part of a changing world. I have invested many hours of my life doing work for and being around organisations who fit in with my belief system. I volunteer and work with The School of Life Australia, The Hub Coworking, Nest Coworking space, B Corps Australia and ethical investment bodies. I interact with many of the people in the community who are on the forefront of thought leadership and change. I don’t want to approach business or life as a restricted process of following other people’s rules. This is about redefining goals based on what is truly good for you and for the people around you. The way I conduct my business and myself is not for the masses, I need to speak to those who will understand me. I can then help them to understand what processes they need to achieve to promote themselves in a new way to a new world.


Promotion –

Part of my approach to promotion is to encourage a sense of wonder and giving people the ability to feel a sense of discovery. Part of my promotion is leaving little bird statues around the coworking space I use. If they find one they get a free workshop or training session with me. I want my brand to have a sense of playfulness. Play means experimentation with out fear of loss or being reprimanded. It is important to not let fear guide your choices. You will limit yourself. When learning how to communicate with your audience you have to be brave, to feel confident to try out new things.  In the promotion of my business I think generosity with the right people will keep me in the position I want to be in. I will be mindful to always incorporate a sense of wonder, play and discovery.


Placebo – 

Part of what I am giving people is the permission and confidence to promote themselves on line. There is inherent value in learning a systematic way of thinking to deliver a concise message. The bigger picture is that the message comes from you and your ability to connect with and speak about your unique position in the world. It is a system of self-belief. Most people who are successful are successful because they worked hard and believed they could do it. The magic of having a plan and acting on it with a bit of support is invaluable to getting what you need out of life.



I make a commitment to always posting a blog article every Friday. I attend events whenever I can. I always want to be seen as being around and building trust. It is important to be with the right kind of people. Be in the know, connected and available, this will make you in demand! You have to make yourself open to experiences and contact. The biggest part of that is showing up. If you are always there people will trust you. Always do what you say you are going to do. If you value your word and your time, other people will too.

I will post the next section when I have completed it!



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