Find your Style

Find your Style - student project

Find your Style - image 1 - student project


 Angsty Female Protagonists (Clementine & Susanna)

- Misunderstood, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Mental Health, Internal Struggle, Tumultuous Personalities.

Kissing Photo

- Intimacy, Delicate, Loving, Soft

"Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself"

- Visualising internal battles, representing mental struggles, busy thoughts

Yellow Demons 

- Inner Demons Visualised, grittiness, expectations upon oneself, raw textures, naive, sincere, andid style of drawing, organic

Find your Style - image 2 - student project



- Colour, Wanderlust/longing, Juxtaposition dark and hyperlight, Graphic

Pink Hair

- Vulnerable, Soft , Intimate

Rainy Window

- Reminicscent of hometown, grim, gritty, grey


-Nostalgia, Naivety, Childhood, Stargazing with mum as a child


-Veins of tumultuous memories, Intimacy, Emotive

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Neva Hosking (Pencil Portraits)

- Gritty, Realness to the aesthetic, Genuine, Emotive, Embodies Rawness

Adventure Time

-Silliness, simplistic childlike cartoon, Naive 

David Bray 

- Capturing darkness, eroticism, provocateur protagonists, symbolic details, raw dream girls

Cage The Elephant

- Romanticised brokeness

Find your Style - image 5 - student project


Sketchbook pages

- Text adding context, gritty, visual noise, emotive, not perfect, real/raw

Bleeding Lip

- Portal to a world within, visualising frame of mind, pleasure in pain, juxtaposition

Green Water colour

- Naive painting style, Nature, Loose, Abstract


Find your Style - image 6 - student project

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