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Jaclyn Cage

Artist. Photographer. Graphic Designer.



Find beauty in rain

I was quite excited when I found this class. I know a little bit about bringing your calligraphy/lettering into Photoshop and making it a vector in Illustrator, but this made it sooooo much easier for me. And the easiness of making your lettering a brush? Brillant! It's like I had one of those ah-ha moments! So thank you Tristan + Michelle, for making this class. It's a huge help to me and many others. You rock!

STEP ONE // go on a walk to get a photo

After watching this class I tucked my new information away in my head and a little bit later I went on a walk. It had just stopped raining and I wanted to get out of my house for a bit. I snapped this photo, not even thinking it would be for my assignment. But as I walked home the wheels started turning in my head (along with my information that was there). :)

I edited the photo in VSCO on my phone and emailed it to myself so I could use it for this project.


STEP TWO // write out quotes + scan it

Once home from my walk I got my pen and paper out to write out this quote 'find beauty in rain' I used faux calligraphy because it was quicker than getting out all of my calligraphy supplies (sidenote: I just moved into my house so things aren't all put away, so pen and paper was an easier choice for me).

After I wrote out the quote two times and scanned it, I choose the letters that went best together. As you can see below, the first 'beauty' was better than the second, but the second 'find' was better than the first. So a little moving around in PS and I got the words in the order I wanted.


STEP THREE // follow class steps to making it a photoshop brush

Following the steps in the class was so easy and only took me minutes to do. So easy!


STEP FOUR // putting it all together

After making the brush for my 'find beauty in rain' I broke it up a bit to fit this particular photo. I know the words aren't perfect (i.e. filled in all the way, a few bumps and blimps, etc), but I was too excited to get a result with this class that I did it quickly. My next project will probably be a photo with my big girl camera (not phone pic) and actual calligrapy. I am very excited to make more art pieces with this knowledge I have learned. Eek!


Thank you again Tristan + Michelle, you rock and I love your class!

peace + love,


P.S. My IG account if you are interested in seeing it there:


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