Kristen McGinnis

Lead Designer



Find Your True North

1. Inspiration

I'm a lover of the outdoors and minimalist vector designs.



2. Sketches I started with the quote "We must take adventures to know where we truly belong". Then, came up with a list of words that I could use in conjunction with that quote. I recently spent a weekend in Potter County, Pennsylvania, where the stars are so bright you would swear you're that much closer to them in the mountains. I decided I wanted to use the Northern Star and the Little Dipper. But, after I started designing I realized my quote was too long to use in conjunction with the image I had in my mind, so I scoured the internet for short and sweet "northern star" related sayings.


3. Finished Design/Design on Template  *note, I did not realize another project had  used "true north" until I decided to upload*

The trees and starts would wrap the mug (note, the design would need to be refined a bit to fit the actual mug template, but it would not impact the design). It feature "Find Your True North" on side A and the Little Dipper with the Northern Star highlighted on Side B. 

The bottom features a compass to match the font. Inside features the Little Dipper and Northern Star. 



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