Venessa Baez

Graphic Designer



Find Your Path

Step 1: My favorite reference badges


I created a Dribbble bucket of my favorite patches. You can view the full bucket here. I loved the feeling of balance between the illustrative and typographical elements. Also, if anyone has a spare Dribble invite laying around, don’t be shy. :)

Step 2: My favorite Apple Metal patch


“Traitor!” - Stormtrooper TR-8R

Step 3: A little sketchy. 

A photograph of my sketchbook page. I played around with layout and patch shape for a while before deciding on a round patch and eventually working my text in.



Then I used tracing paper to clean up some detail and placement. 

Step 4: Final Patch Design


Voila! I would like to revisit this patch design in the future with fresh eyes and add more detail.
I chose the year 1987 because it is the year Adobe Illustrator was first released. The orange border around the patch is the same shade of orange as the Adobe Illustrator icon. 
The two circles and the bezier curve at the bottom of the patch come together to make a friendly smiley face. 


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