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Find Your Customers with Ideal Customer Profiles

Find Your Customers with Ideal Customer Profiles.

Are your customers lost in the crowd? Would you even recognize them if they were sitting next to you? Let me help you “see” them by using your own Ideal Customer Profile tool.


Is this class for you…

This class is for you if you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner with a valuable product (or service) and you're feeling the pressure to bring revenue in the door.You'll get the most from the class if you know your product well and at least a little about your customers. Ideally, you have had some direct interaction with clients probably through sales or service. By the way, I just gave you part of my “Ideal Customer Profile” for this class.


What to expect…

During the class you will create your own Ideal Customer Profile specific to your business and learn how to use it to:

  • Shorten the sales cycles 
  • Identify high-probability prospects
  • Strategically plan for serendipitous encounters
  • Use your network more effectively

This is an interactive 2-part class. At the first session you will be asked to share information about your business and the value it provides to your customers. At the second session, you will present (and defend)  your ideal customer profile. All class participants are expected to openly share their opinions and provide commentary to one another.


About me…

I'm a consultant, coach and trainer who loves the "business of business". I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners and self-employed contractors to apply new insights, information and tools into their businesses, so they can become wildly successful. Before becoming a coach, I spent 25 years building big businesses as an intrepreneur where I had many different roles in strategy, marketing, sales and operations. Feel free to check me out on LinkedIN or visit me at Top Line Focus, LLC.


Favorite quote...

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” - Leonardo da Vinci


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