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Granny E.

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Find Photos Fast

1000 Words Productions is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind products to help save photos in a digital world. Our goal is to develop easy and fast ways to keep memories handy even when technology changes. Our idea is to send pictures to the cloud but also print the keepers. Future proof backups. 

Our website explains the basic concepts and is ready to expand when we get a better focus.  We start with a product that is a combination of printed instructions and physical items in one package – Cloud Capsules. Starter kits are now available and ready for market testing. We have 9 additional items ready to go.

The business model is my home based business with 20 years experience as a successful sewing pattern publishing company. Creation and development are in-house. Product packaging, assembly and shipping will be subcontracted.

My customer has worried about dropping their iPhone in the lake, but has not. Yet.

The hard part is determining our focus. How do we find the customer who is motivated to plan ahead? Everyone can benefit from saving their images for the future. Finding those willing to change their behavior for that to happen, is a challenge. Our concept is unique because storing prints of your digital photos in see through archival containers puts them on display and close  at hand. Seeing the memory in a box often reinforces its time capsule quality.


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