Finally Pinterest has a Purpose!

Finally Pinterest has a Purpose! - student project

I started this project with no real plan in mind, but now that I've spent half the day doing it I already think it's a great idea. I'm super inspired and can see using this for sketching ideas and to get through art block.

Since I didn't really know where I was heading in the beginning, I started out by looking at every elses list and pinterest boards, so there will probably be a lot of overlap.

What I finally settled on was a list of these Themes:
Steampunk, Pirates, Mermaids, Selkies, Fairies, Elves, Dancers, Yoga, Figure Skating, Succulents, and Plants.
 And the Styles I really like are:
Sketches, Semi-Realistic/Realistic, Digital Art, Traditional Paintings, and Comics
I chose to include all the Elements and started with a list of Principles as well.

Then I looked at everyone's boards again. I saved pieces I liked and skipped over ones that I didn't think related to me, or that didn't interest me as much.  From there I got a good base and started to understand how pinterest worked. Then I started searches and followed related content.
I ended up spending WAY to long (hours) looking and saving photos to my boards. I also added several Themes, edited a couple, and deleted boards that I hadn't added anything to while I was browsing (mostly principles that I had added in the beginning)

In the end I'm really happy with the images that I've collected and I can see myself using these boards all the time! I wasn't sure when I started this project, because I've never much been into Pinterest and personally didn't see any use in it for me. Now though, I feel like I've finally found a purpose for pinterest and I feel like my inspirations are more organized that I could have gotten them anywhere else.

Thanks So Much!

Finally Pinterest has a Purpose! - image 1 - student project

Here is the drawing I made for this project.
I tried to do a steampunk elf. I also tried to focus on value and texture. Guess I didn't really go for a style, was just doodling.

Finally Pinterest has a Purpose! - image 2 - student project

Finally Pinterest has a Purpose! - image 3 - student project