Finally I‘m saying it...

Finally I‘m saying it... - student project

I want to be an artist, actually I‘m already an artist. For a while now I‘ve been practicing on a regular basis.Watercolor is my favorite medium and I want to learn how to illustrate on the iPad next.

To make my art a business is really what I want to do next.

I love details and working on them but I also love simple shapes and what you can create with both. I enjoy the process everytime, it like a little surprise everytime when the brush meets the paper.


Here are some of my exercise pieces from the book everyday watercolor which helped be with my daily practice. I‘m now planing on my own pieces, some forest themed series and looking forward to build my portfolio around them.

Finally I‘m saying it... - image 1 - student projectFinally I‘m saying it... - image 2 - student project

Wish you all the best and stay healthy!