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Bryan Odiamar

Creative Director



Finally Hip

Name: Peabe

Brand: Finally Hip

Tagline: "Stay Hip"

Location: Chicago, IL / Oakland, CA

About Us...

Small brand with roots in Chicago and Oakland. 

Mission Statement...

Finally Hip is that very moment when you realize that you’re comfortable in your own skin. You are who you are and you love being you. Finally Hip embraces individuality and finding inspiration in the beauty that surrounds us all on a daily basis. A lot of the visuals for the brand are rooted in and inspired by things that inspire me like graff, low/new brow art, cartoons, type, tattoos, fashion, sports, etc. The label also plays on the fact that I FINALLY got my shit together and started my own brand.

Some people don’t realize how awesome they really are right away, while others know early on. So whether you discovered that “hipness” at 9 or 90, it doesnt matter. All that matters is that you tapped into that part of yourself and now know you’re Finally Hip. 


Below are my different logos/icon/treatments. I generally use the FH in the bubble as the main icon/logo while the full treatment is usually saved for the neck and sleeve tags. The character at the bottom is "Bo" and he is the mascot for the brand and you'll see him regularly in different iterations.


Here are some sample shots of my tees and/or lookbook photos from all of our release so far...

embroidered logo on camo tank...

custom paisley pattern/glow in the dark bandana

winter beanie and Sneaker Pimps collab tee

im a huge Chicago Bears fan, so I had to show some love to Da Coach

"Cobra" tee from our "Saints & Sinners" Pack

"Cross" tee from our "Saints & Sinners" Pack

back of a collab tee done with Fatlace/Illest

"Guadalupe" tee from our "Saints & Sinners" Pack

"Hipset" Tank"Kaneda" hoodie and Logo snapback

"interlocked" tee and logo snapback

"kaneda" and "rosa" tee

"FHMC" tee (back)

"natives" pocket tee with Glow in the dark birds

"Rebel" tee with a pack of smokes on the inside of the right sleeve

collab with Slurpcult

"gypsyhawk" tees

Of course feedback is appreciated, thanks for looking.


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