Final/Embellished/Watercolor/Sketches-Enchanted Garden

My completed embellished sketch!!! I had so much fun in this class :) Thank you so much for the lesson and inspiration, Katie, and everyone else on here!! It was awesome!

Here are some fun shoes I did, I had a little mishap with my glue pen, but I still like them :) Sorry for the blurry scan.

Here is my first attempt at the sketching, It's more like one of my doodles, but I loved sketching the yellow gown and imagining it with color and glitter on the little flowers:

Then, I tried using more of a sketch technique, and I liked the results, but I'm having trouble with legs, this is the brown sheer sleeveless dress I added mouse buns for fun :) :

This is the Galliano/Dior gown with the blue tiers, I tried to be more dramatic with her pose and had fun with the tiers and hairstyle, the legs are still giving me trouble, but I will practice more:

I can't stop sketching now! I feel so inspired and excited :)

glitter, florals, colors! So much inspiration! I love a fitted waist and a nice pouffy skirt :)


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