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It's sad to say goodbye to the group! thank you for making this course Justina! thank you classmates for all the nice words and encouraging comments. Thank you for sharing your home images too, I will miss to check your daily progress! ... maybe we meet again in a second episode of this course? It will be much fun!

Here is my ultimate project, I choose the bookshelf. It was the most noticeable makeover at home. Those shelves were almost empty since they were built because life kept us busy.... Now that difficulties were left behind it is great to celebrate with a little care for the shelves! Together with the other makeovers, our home become much more enjoyable for our family.

Ultimate before

Ultimate after:

Bed is done! I made two different styles.

BED before

BED after (try one) Working with lila, pink, green and cream.

BED after (try two)

Working with lila, orange, green, turquoise and cream.

I would love to hear what you think! wich one do you like it more?


Here it goes! I turned my house upside down ... It's like I have a new living room at home! I'm not sure if it is noticeble in the photos but the feeling when entering into the living is new, and I like it! As my family is also enjoying it, I'm quite happy with the results. My focus was to store the same books as before but styling them better. The sofa didn't have big changes because I don't have other coushions that will work with this palette. I was thinking to add a pink shawl but would it be so unrealistic having a kid that loves to fly into the sofa ... I could add some more cushions in the future and I definetly will search for a nice (+ not so expensive) rug. In the console on the lower shelf I would like to put big boxes to store things that are not so nice and are wandering trhough the house.

Please et me know if you like it! I would love to have some feedback!



SOFA before

SOFA After

I'm using now green and blue cushions and a big white one. The blanket covers the long of the sofa to give more texture. I did some styling on the shelves and added a little bank with a plant on the other side.

Console BEFORE

Console AFTER


First of all, thanks for all the nice compliments!! I'm having a lot of fun with this course and I love to see all the transformation happening in your homes!

Regarding the 3 project, I still have no clue what to do with the sofa, today I ran to a couple of shops to find some new cushions but I didn't find anything. I was also looking for some medium size ojbects that I'm missing at home to decorate, but no luck either. .... Then, a little bit frustrated I came back home and decided to make the project with what I have, be creative and maybe dismantle what I have on other rooms if I need some objects from there to complete the assignments. Then if I'm satisfied with the result, I will continue with the rest of the house and slowly buy new things if necessary.

.... Maybe, it was a home decorating crisis like women looking at a full wardrobe and saying  "I have nothing to wear"!!! :)

It will be a nice challenge! I hope will have something for tomorrow!


This the BEFORE Coffee table again

AFTER Coffee table

A pale green piece of fabric was my solution to break the wood on wood theme after changing and changing things once again! The chevron vase is a baby milk can that I painted yesterday ... I was inspired with the great images from all of you! I think it add a little fun (the painted can). I'm not sure how I will make the rest of the living room to match this but I'm happy with how it looks like now.

8 principles

This is an image of an studio or desk corner that I like a lot. I think it has a character and still feels like a warm place. I will go through the 8 principles:

Needs --> the table and the chairs are the main nees but the wire basket is the functional styling object out there

Shape --> the chairs gives a nice focus point, the old fan and the pot

Color --> the neutrals rules here but it has some blue accents with the fan and the pencil container

Pattern --> the wire basket gives some pattern and the floor and ceiling too.

Texture --> it is full of textures! from the old wooden table, the clay pot on the table, the metal lamp, the wooden floor, the basket below the desk (behind the second chair)

Placement --> the art wall until the roof, the symetry of the chairs

Blings --> here the chairs are the blings!

Botanicals --> eventhough the room has no botanicals inside, the are a lot of greenery visible through the window

I don't have the exact source of that image (please add a comment if you have it so I could add it )

Before photos

I'm living in this home for about 6 years and many corners are not finished yet! I have some new shelves in the living room but the styling part is "bla". I need it to be functional also, not only to show pretty things. And I have a small budget to work with. I don't have a lot of time either! it will be a challenge and I'm exited to see what I could do in the coming days. I would love to have some help from you if you like too!

The console or similar --> I need it to store books, plus diaper box and it would be nice to store some basket with baby toys. All of this keeping it uncluttered. The top of the console occasionally have some decor that changes with seasons but I never too convinced with it. I don't know how to fill the space between the frames and the console.

Bookshelf --> those shelfs are new and are not used very well. They have some things on it but I would like to make better use of them. The TV is a bad looking thing I have to keep for the moment so I only could camouflage.

Coffee table --> so "bla", we use it to eat sometimes or to change diapers of my baby! I would love to have something on it but that could be removed to use the table easily.  A rug below would be so nice to have to make some contrast (the wood color is very similar to the floor ).

Sofa --> I love my sofa but since having kids it lives below a fabric that becomes more dirty each day, that is not so easy to clean and that moves out of place each time we sit on it! The cushion are an attemp to bring color but they need something else or something less (a solid color maybe?).

Bedroom --> I don't have nightstands, we use those ikea tables but we need a place to store things. And the tables are not the same color, neither the color of the bed. So it is not nice. Any change would be welcome!


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