Final watercolour - I see you in my dreams



Whoa...work had been really busy at daytime this week.

Finally got home earlier to get my first watercolour done on thursday~

Will try to finish more tomorrow!!


2nd watercolour with embellishment done on friday

Final sketch!! Have been spending all day on it~but I just love it!!

Rainbow dress added some red glitter on:D


Here are some sketches I've been working on:)

sorry the image quality is not so nice, I just picture them with my iphone, they're actually on some white watercolour paper blocks, just can't wait to start putting on some colours!!


I'm pretty much inspired by colours,

like the hues, tones, and the level of saturation.

Dreamy looks are my favrourites, I like the non-gravity atmosphere in the pictures, the blurry colours and the flowing fabrics...

RIP Alexander McQueen, we missed you. He's my favourite designer ever in my life.

love the way which soft pastel coloured, neutral simple make-up could have high-lighted the whole statement.

Colourful smoke often appears in my dreams, sweet marshmallows everywhere, love it.

This photo is so stunning with the hair and the whole composition, it had achieved the non-gravity surrounding to the outfit.

Blonde-pink ombre hair is driving me crazy! That's so epic, trendy, extravagant with a dip of girlish and elgance.

I always got captured by those heavy embellished details in the catworks, the craftsmanship works are to be praised, flowers, chiffons, metalware and beads and pearls...

and of course, diamontes and crystals...

Here are some looks which I really love, especially for the colours, the drapery flow of the fabrics, and the embellishments... Tone on tones decorations are one of my favrourite catwork execution, there the design created harmony to the whole thing at all. 

Fabric itself is a primary aestheticism,

yet in the world of fashion,

they have to be made in clothes and worn by people, 

that's the designer who make the dress and,

and the one who worn it,

bring life to the garment, another level of beauty...

I hope you like my project, it's nice during this inspiration process, Thx



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