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Final submissions for Katie's workshop


This was a great exercise.   I used the primary colours suggested by Katie  (shades Ultramarine, Cadmium Yellow Hue and Permanent Red Light as these were the ones I have already) and I also used a hint of Burnt Umber here and there.  I also consulted Katie's suggested tutorials "Paper Colour" (tutorial 2) and "Skin Tones" (tutorial 7).  



So here is my first attempt at a patent leather shoe. I feel I could have blended the sole a bit more. Any feedback will be gratefully accepted!



This is my second attempt at a patent watercolour shoe. I intentionally did not try to match the colour of the model. I found this one very difficult; I kept making mistakes and even now I'm not happy with the end result. I had troubles with the layering and the amount of water on my brush. I think it was too wet as the paint bled. I'm not sure what parts of the shoe to emphasise in outline (I ended up using liners to achieve this). Katie, any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Here is my first attempt at the suede look shoe.   I decided to use the same shoe as in Katie's lesson so I could practice before trying my own one.  I attempted layering but I'm not happy with the shading. I feel I've tried too hard and the result is too flat and heavy.

Next, here is the shoe I selected;


And here is my attempt;


It's over-worked!   I am having trouble with the shading and light.   

Next, I have taken on board Katie's feedback and had a go at re-working my Oscar shoe to lighten the interior so as to provide focus to the front exterior of the shoe.    Is this a bit better Katie?


Here is my first attempt at the sequin shoe, following Katie's class:


The sketch itself is pretty ordinary!  

And my second attempt selecting my own shoe model:


And mine:


My final piece for the course, incoporating the skills I have learned:



Looking forward to your feedback Katie!   

I have loved taking this course!


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