Final Week


I tried to correct the audio levels and I switched the flipped videos back. I had orginally flipped them because I thought it would look better with the title I was going to use but I decided not to use the title and forgot to flip them back before submitting Week 3 video.

I hope my project turned out ok. I aways feel like I could have done better. I guess as an editor you always see room for improvement in ever project.

I look forword to eveyone's feed back!




This was a hard week. I only had time to work on this today due to this week being busy. I normally like to work on a project for a couple of hours a day. I feel that i come up with better ideas doing my edits that way,

I could not find a song that fit so i just used music in parts. I found adjusting audio levels time consuming but that could have been because of how i went about it.

Using effects is great but my problem has aways been that i know the effect I want but trying to figure out how to pull if off is the hard part.

I not 100% happy with this edit but its the best I can come up with at my current skill level.


The placeholder project was fun. I hope you guys enjoy. I just made of something real quick.




Here is my screenshot

I tried to stay within the limts of what we learned so far. I did not want to use any features that we had not covered




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