Final Watercolor/glitter-Whimsy

Starting the watercolor on the 3 pieces... middle one got a little messed up so it was nice in theory for the trio but sadly, it is the last you will see of it. I may try to fix it later but I am off on a trip so I won't have time to finish it before the due time.

Watercolor applied to 2 dresses... 

Final glitter added to girl in tea cup 

Final glitter added to girl under tea pot. Over all I am very pleased with the way these turned out. I have learned so much about watercolors and about process and mistakes during this short class. I thank you Katie for giving examples and tips throughout. :) I will continue to sketch, now that I have found a joy in it again. : ) 

Lissy Laricchia

I am ultimately inspired by all things...ha, who isn't. I have a love for all things whimsy; a hot air balloon, a flower, a fabric print, autumn, lace, a story/movie, etc... I like things that are beautiful but give you a sense of uneasiness.  I don't know a whole lot about fashion but I enjoy looking at the shapes beautiful garments make on the human body and then like the idea of it telling a story too. Right now my favorite things are leaves, flowers, mint and coral together, emerald, soft watercolors, and graphic lines. 

My inspriration board is all over the place, a swirl of images just like in my head. I honestly have no idea what my final image will be, nor have any idea just yet how I want it to look. But, I like that. It's out of my comfort zone, as is sharing drawings with others so this is going to be quite an experience, in a good way! I like details and contrast. Hard and soft, beautiful and creepy, light and dark. lets see what happens :) 

not sure how I feel about these sketches yet buuut im editing :) I wanted to try a new pose for this one may sketch a few more samples of it. Need to be a little less critical about perfection (easier said than done) but this is why I am taking a class :) 


Lissy Laricchia

Lissy Laricchia

Brooke Shaden

Brooke Shaden

Tried to be looser with my sketch... helped a lot... like this so much better than the others already... 

changed the jacket to a hat but eh it's a work in progress. I feel like I will enjoy these sketches more with the watercolor because i wanna put everything in with lines so I have been using that eraser to lighten up the less important lines some. I have a fear of drawing people...even elongated fashion-y people ... here is to new things!

among other things...who knows :)

i also like to click around on instagram. Im Qcms22 if anyone is interested

pinterest also http://pinterest.com/courtq22/


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