Final Third Animated Graphic Test

Final Third Animated Graphic Test - student project

Final Video -


While I am familiar with Illustrator and Photoshop, I have never used After Effects before. I'm wanting to use Evan's class to learn the layout and capabilities of the software. In the future I'm planning to create some "ikea" style instructional videos.


First I went to find something I could use as the background footage. I managed to get a clip of Martin driving past in the forklift along with an impromptu "shooting". This inspired me to use the final third for a "warning " banner.

I loosely planned the timings of the animation then got to work.

Final Third Animated Graphic Test - image 1 - student project

At first I found the tools and processes difficult to get my head around, but after watching Evan’s tutorials a few times it became clearer and I just had fun with the animations.

You can check out my final video here: