Morgan Swank




Final Shoe Project

Below are my final shoes! I really like how the shadows turned out inside the shoe. I am not sure about the leopard print. I definitely overworked it a bit in my attempts to get it to look right. I am too impatient and don't always wait for some of the layers to dry. Overall I'm pleased because I really feel like I've improved throughout this process. I also like this shadow under the shoes better than my previous shadows. You are so right about more water and to use blue! Thanks!


Below is my suede illustration. I had a hard time getting the water to not just be a solid puddle. This is my second attempt and I had to use less water than what it seemed like you were using in the tutorial. I don't know if I was adding too much all at once and overworking it. That said, I do like how the below shoes turned out. I am working on having a relaxed hand, do you have any tips for keeping your lines/strokes loose and relaxed? Since I am pretty new to watercolor I am trying to find out what the line is between an intentionally relaxed/messy look, and a hot mess. Thanks for all your help! 


Below is my patent leather shoe illustration. If I did it again I would definitely not have so much color under the shoe on the ground because I think it looks a bit muddy. I have a hard time layering on darker tones in large areas without it looking muddy.


Below is my color chart. I have never made a color chart before, but I fould it to be interesting and helpful. I was definitely surprised at some of the tones I achieved. I only used eleven colors for this chart, but I can definitely see taking the time to create another one with even more colors. 



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