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Saraya Cheney

fashion + lifestyle photographer



Final Project

My whole concept revolves around the black and white photo of Francoise Hardy, one of my favorite models. Wanting to recreate/update the image (though the style and image itself is utterly timeless), by taking inspiration from the atmosphere and the juxtaposition of hard/soft. She's a strong independant woman, expressing that through her style, but she also has a soft romantic side to her. I think this plays well with the idea of shooting in Paris, which is both classically romantic but at the same time has a tougher underbelly. This series of images is something that perfectly encapsulates my personal and photographic style. 

All images were pulled from Pinterest and the photo credits can be sourced through the site. (Sadly) None of the images are my own.


I drove past one of the battlefields near my house the other day and was inspired to change the direction of my shoot. I still kept the main common component of the images, the hat but the rest of the inspiration styling changed to better suit the location. Fortunately, my younger sister is a working model and needed to update her portfolio. It was nice to have someone that is comfortable in front of the camera and likes to try a variety of poses. I went in knowing certain shots that I wanted to get. I used Bethany's tips of drawing out thumbnails, being a visual person, I'm not sure why I never thought of this! I also used her tip of trying to capture a variety of portrait and landscape shots, as well as full body and thigh-up. I love a great portrait, so i threw some of those in for good measure! It lost the juxtaposition, but I'm happy with the way these turned out.


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