Final Project

Final Project - student project

Final Project - image 1 - student projectThis class really did come along at a good time as I got a few new colors to play with on my palette but wasn't quite sure I knew where I wanted to go with them.  Even the little sphere gave me a chance to see how they might play together :)







Final Project - image 2 - student project

And it was also a good reminder that it can be okay that not all experiments in my little sketchbook turn out the way I want them to.  We're just really getting warmed up and thinking a little, right?






Final Project - image 3 - student project


Also a good reminder that the brain is a strange and interesting place. . . 

I don't know what that dog-goblin-thing is on, but it's having a fascinating time of it :O







Final Project - image 4 - student project


  I'll admit.  I was initially knocking Art Spectrum's Tasman Blue something fierce.  But it ended up having some behaviors I'm pretty okay with.  I may not have recognised that if I hadn't brought it out to play with the phthalo yellow green (Wow.  Briiight).



Final Project - image 5 - student project

I liked the Tasman Blue enough to keep it out for the exercise that was about exploring mood and atmosphere.  In this case, it was actually the oldest color of the three that I had since I wanted a bit more time to experiment and the colors had a softness to them I found attractive.


. . . and then we wandered off somewhere deep into left field with the seedling and the snake.  But it got my mind whirring and I want to explore it (and the palette) later.  So I'd call that a pretty solid win!










Final Project - image 6 - student project




And the final project.  The reference had some very saturated paint and that seemed interesting to play with considering the values.  Not perfect.  But I'm happy with it since it's just a study!


Actually, I'm just happy I made anything at all. 


Class: success!