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Final Project! My Ultimate Faves!

Hello again!

It's here! The FINAL project! Kinda feeling a tad sad. : ( I really loved this class and had a ton of fun planning and doing and thinking and re-thinking! Oh it was fun! And to meet some wonderful and thoughtful people with incredible artistic skill was the best part of it all. So, thank you to all of you who gave me feedback and support throughout. You're the greatest! 

I had a tough time choosing ONE ultimate final picture because I had two favorites for different reasons.  

My first favorite was the coffee table re-do. I thought this was the "utlitmate" photo because it gave my living room a real "grandiose" kind of feel. Since we have 10 foot ceilings, it was nice to  add "tall" items to the coffee table as a means of guiding the eye up to the ceilings, which are wood and one of my favorite details of the house.

My second choice was the bedroom because it was, in my opinion, the most dramatic transformation. I love it and can't wait to lay in bed with a good book now! 

Once again, thanks to all of you and to our wonderful teacher, Justina. : ) Hope to catch ya'll on the blogosphere! 

Many many hugs,


Hello all!

I'm happy to report that my bed styling is now complete! Yippeee!! Pat on the back. : ) This was the only project that required me to go out there and shop. I tried my very best to use only things I already had.  But... I definitely needed to invest some cash and love into styling the bed.  I've been meaning to do it forever and this class inspired me to finally get it done.  As a new mommy... all my bedroom styling has gone to my little girl's room. You mamas know how that goes! Okay... so... all I bought were the throw pillows and the blue and white bowl. I spent a total of $25. All at Ross. Thanks for the suggestion Justina! All else... I had. Heeeeeeere we go!

Here is my bed/bedroom BEFORE the makeover (eeeek!! Soooooo bad. And NOT in a good way):

Here is the AFTER of the bedroom:

This is how I incorporated the 8 elements of styling:

1. Needs: R & R. Rest & Relaxation. Yes. : ) Also, a nightstand with lighting to read by and space to put my     books and glasses.

2. Color: I added the magenta purplish hue to contrast the drab brown of the nightstand and the brown wreath pattern on the quilt.  But, I didn't want the room to be all pink and brown. So, i threw in the blue and white bowl and re-purposed it as a planter to contrast the pink hue. I also added the gray pillows and the Buddha pillow to bring down the pink hues just a notch, but complement it at the same time.

3. Placement: I placed the large pillows behind the smaller, more colorful pillows.  I also placed the lamp closest to me for convenience and the plant to soften up the nightstand.  The items are carefully placed to look like curious little items that represent mini art. : )

4. Botanicals: Added a plant on the nightstand and the small dresser sitting next to the nightstand. 

5. Bling: The book under the planter is a pewter gold tone.  There's also the Eiffel Tower sculpture and crystal/stone for added bling.

6. Texture: Texture can be found in the pillows. Primarily the round pink one.

7. Shape: I placed the large round pillow to contrast the square shape of the overall bed.  But, added some rectangular smaller pillows to add additional shapes. The square black and white family pictures were placed above the round pillow for contrast.  There's also the round blue and white bowl placed atop the square shaped books.

8. Pattern: Pattern is allover this quilt. A favorite of mine from Anthropologie.  It's all tattered and faded and used. But, it's the most comfy quilt we own. : ) There's also pattern in the pillows and the blue and white planter. 

This was such an amazing class! I've had so much fun doing this and I am grateful for meeting all of you as well. : ) Now... I'll pick my final picture... Hmnnnn... which transformation should I pick?? I don't know! I'll need to think about this one!

Want to keep in touch? (Can't believe class is almost done! It was a blast, wasn't it?)... please be sure to stay in touch through my blog Bohemian Vintage, Twitter @bohemianvintage, Pinterest @minab,  Instagram under Mina Brinkey  or mina180 and/or Facebook! You can always e-mail me at [email protected] as well. : ) Lots of love and blessings your way! xoxo~ Mina

Hello Hello!

Okay... Got the bookshelf project down. Whew. Between work and a toddler, this has proven to be quite the time challenge, but oh so much fun! I hope you enjoy it!!

Bookshelf BEFORE shot:

Bookshelf AFTER:

The bookshelf is actually a re-purposed piece that I worked at an antiques shop for a week to get. That was my paycheck! Ha! The top is old, re-purposed wood floors. The back and sides are an old door (still has the peep hole!) and the doors are old windows.

8 Elements:

1. NeedsWe've used it as an entertainment center and a dining room buffet (at our old place). Here, we use it to hold the TV, DVD player and to store books and toys for my little girl. It's located in the living room and I place toys in a basket that I just swoop on out and swoop right back in when lil' S goes to bed. : )

2. Color - Loved the idea of grouping like colors of the books together. We don't have a lot of books because we got rid of a TON of them when we moved. We lost 800 sq. ft. with the move, so books had to go.  But, I like how what we do have turned out. : )

3. Placement - I played around with the placement of the books quite a bit. I liked them in every way I placed them! I liked the idea of placing some books right side up and others laying down as platforms for other goodies. 

4. Botanicals - Since this is a closed bookshelf, I chose a faux plant for the planter.  This plant actually looks so real, that I caught my husband watering it one day! Ha ha!!! I had to stop him!

5. Bling - The 1960s vintage vase adds some bling to the space. 

5. Texture - I incorporated texture in the vase and pom pom hangy thingy (is that even a real term???)

6. Shape - I placed the round planter atop the square books and tried to incorporate lots of circle shapes in the mix.

7. Pattern - Pattern is present in the russian doll, pom poms, book covers and open book in the background, as well as the personal framed art in the background. 

Hello everyone!

Alright... took me some time because yesterday was family day and I ended up on the couch I was supposed to style... completely passed out for the night! So... here is the work I've done today. I hope you like it. : ) 

Here is my sofa BEFORE:

Here is the AFTER of the sofa... Again... lots of pictures, but I think capturing it from every angle is important. Here ya go...

1. Needs: Comfy pillows to soften and contrast the leather

2. Color: pillows to compliment the colors in the room and to add some much needed color to the brown sofa

3. Placement: Two pillows on one side with the book and three pillows on the other side. 3 and 3!

4. Botanicals: Plant in snail planter on side table

5. Bling: necklace on the glove mold on the side table

6. Texture: The pillows all have texture. Especially the hmong one.  That's actually a purse I turned into a pillow. Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose! : )

7. Shape: square pillows with rectangular ones and the little russian doll pillow introduces an oval shape to the mix.

8. Pattern: Lots of pattern on the russian doll and the hmong pillow.

Here is my console BEFORE:

Here is the console AFTER:

The console sits in our living room, beside the fireplace. It only serves the purpose of additional storage... which we take advantage of... TRUST ME! If you opened it up, you may get an avalanche of photo albums and picture frames! The nice thing about it's need, is that I can pretty much do anything with the top of it. Here's how I used the elements:

1. Needs: To store stuff.

2. Color: Added color to the wood console by incorporating a vibrant art piece and a funky and colorful Flavia Del Pra lamp.

3. Placement: The books add that "collection" look.

4. Botanicals: The faux berry branches and wood in the owl vase.

5. Bling: The orange 1960s vintage necklace

6. Texture: The lampshade and artwork

7. Shape: The oval beands of the necklace and of course, the flowers' round shape.

8. Pattern: Artwork and lamp! : )

Here is my coffee table before...

Here it is as I had it styled BEFORE Justina's fab teaching...

Here are the AFTER shots of the fully styled coffee table.  Sorry for all the pictures. Just wanted to capture it from every angle for you!

This version here ALMOST MADE THE CUT... but I decided to go with the buddha instead. : )


I hope you all like it!! I ran home after work today with just about 20 minutes to do this before having to pick up my little girl! So... needless to say I wasn't able to take my time and was feeling kinda rushed this afternoon. But... here it is! All done! Whew! : ) Have a a beautiful weekend loves. : )

Elements of Styling Room

Source: Pinterest

I absolutely love everything about this room. I can see all 8 elements so clearly here.  The bling is in all the colored glass.  The colored glass also provides a collection of sorts and is placed quite well.  Color is present allover this room. I am a huge fan of color, so this room immediately stood out to me for that very reason.  Pattern is found in the pillows, area rug and even the back of that wire chair with the green back cushion.  The sofa, coffee table and side table provide for the needs of the room. While shape and texture can be found in the diamond pattern of the area rug contrasted against the round shape of the side table, coffee table and terrarium.  The area rug and plants also provide texture.  And last, but certainly not least, is the botanicals. So much greenery! I love it! And I agree with you Justina... plants are a sure way to (literally) breathe life into a room!

Coffee table -  It's looked like this since we moved in a couple of months ago. I kind of just put something there without much thought.  Note: I have a walking 15 month old who likes to push things off the table. : )

Console - Hmnnn... Well. This piece is one that I absolutely love.  My mother gave it to me. I grew up with it in our home.  As of right now... I've got a plant, candles and an owl vase with some greenery.  I'd like to do something more interesting with it.  But, I'm kinda stumped on it, to be honest.  it sits next to the fire place.

Sofa - It's IKEA. It's leather. it's brown. It's practical and kid friendly (main reasons we got it).  As of right now I've got some garage sale finds pillows on it to soften it up, with a plaid throw.  But... I'd like to do something different with it so it doesn't stay looking the same forever.  Especially for pictures used for the blog.  I don't want to present the same ol' images over and over again.

Bookshelf-  This re-purposed piece is what I'll be using as a bookshelf.  We live in a teeny tiny home and don't have much storage.  So... trying to work with what I've got.  

Bed - Our bedroom is so embarrassing! Because we have ONE closet in the entire house (that's right... ONE)... the corner of our bedroom has become a storage corner. Thus... our bed has just the bed cover you see there. No frills at all.  But, I'm hoping that if I style the bed nicely, it'll make up for the other junk. At least until we find another solution to our storage problem.  

So... there ya have it! For a full house tour... click on over to my blog - Bohemian Vintage --->http://bit.ly/VKG929

Cannot wait to see everyone's progress and to get to work on improving this place with Justina's tips!




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