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Final Project: Layout your quote

Project 7: 

More fonts and a different colourway. I also reduced the size hoping that more space around the quote would increase the impact. I've used Ribbon script on the first word to give empasis to that as this quote is all about action. I've also attached the yellow version so let me know which you prefer.

This is a final-ish layout. I would love some feedback/critique.

Project 5: Final project


I had a few ideas for quotes:

"Everyday words seem to turn into love songs" from La Vie en Rose

I like this one because of the way that typography could be used to illustrate the meaning of the lyric, using a plain font for "everyday words" and something very elaborate and decoarative for "love songs", however I am not sure about the lyric itself as it doesn't have a complete meaning outside of the context of the song.

"Get over your hill and see what you find there" Mumford and Sons

I liked this quote because I thought it could have potential for an interesting and illustrative layout, using the word hill in the shape of a hill and/or turning the words into a landscape. I like the meaning of the phrase as it is motivational without being cheesy, but it would be hard to get it right without making it a bit too childish.


"Act yourself into thinking, don't think yourself into acting" Bob Read (my school art teacher)

My old art teacher, Bob Read used to say this to me and other students. I liked it because I do tend to sit around trying to decide what to do before I do anything and it usually means I end up doing nothing. I think it's a particularly good motivational quote for artists. I wanted the fonts to be bold, using captial letters and a very simple layout. 


These are not my own initials but I made them for our friends' wedding. Unfortunately they are odd sizes and wouldn't frame up very nicely so I'm going to have to redo them. Here they are in all their glory and odd-sized-ness.

Below is my handwriting font. It might take a few goes as the longer letters like G and j went out of the box. Here is my first attempt anyway.


I'm sure this isn't the best or the neatest version of this but I learnt a lot doing it. I tried to measure each letter to get the accurate proportions and correct angles. I made some interesting discoveries. Some of the most fluid, organic looking letters often had suprisingly simple symmetry, while the more simple looking ones could turn out to be the most complex.

Brands and Logo Types

I chose my hairspray as the branded item in my home. I love the design of L'Oreal Elnette because it is truly timeless. The design has been more or less the same since it's inception in 1960. The L'oreal logo is a huge part of this in my opinion. The logo itself hasn't changed a great deal since the launch of the company in the early 1900's. The font may have changed a few times along the way and the sizing of each character has undergone some tweaking over the years but the simple sans serif font and slight enlargement of the O remain.

The current logo seems to have been with the company since the 1950s. The logo still feels modern. I think the elongated, geometric shapes in the sans serif font make it feel quite futuristic in a way. The angles are very crisp and clean in each letter. It puts me in mind of a clinical laboratory. It somehow captures innovation at the same time as classic stability, perhaps this is due to the wideness of the characters. 

Here's the Elnette advert from 1960 in case you didn't believe me:

Just to compare, here is a recent ad with Cheryl Cole. There really isn't a huge amount different. Not really relevant to Typography but I just thought it was interesting.

Kerning Practice

I chose a font at random for this one otherwise I would have obsessed for hours over which one to chose. 

10 words, 10 fonts

Typography around us


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