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Final Project - JACK'S FIRST DAY / list of 10 / Clustering / Character

Title : Jack's First day
Date : 9th April 2013  Version 1.0


Jack Age 18 - First day at work , teenager , lives with mum &  dad recently left school

Jane Age 25 - Receptionist  
Cleaner  Male Age 46 - Working in reception
Unknown Person sitting In bathroom cubicle


Jack 's first day at work


Jack walks into reception very nervous wearing a smart suit and clutching a black folder for dear life

(gets interrupted)

JANE: Your late!…We booked you over 45 minutes ago , now go upstairs and speak to Mr Smith's secretary he needs to get the airport asap

JACK: Errrrr its my first day today!

(looks up sharp) OH I THOUGHT YOUR WERE THE MINI CAB DRIVER!!! (starts to laugh out loud) You look like a mini cab driver HA HA HA HA with your suit & folder , you look like a minicab driver (laughs out loud again)

jane shouts out) MINICAB …MINICAB… MINCAB !!

CLEANER :  Hey Man! Please call me a taxi
(in a dry voice) You are a

(start laughing out loud and pointing at Jack)  

JANE:  Is it true that people become minicab drivers  because they are too dumb to work at McDonalds?

JACK: Yes thats right !!

(start laughing again)

JANE: hey jack please take a seat & and I will call HR

JACK : Ok cool thanks , can you please tell me where the bathroom is

JANE: Yea sure its just around the corner on the left

JACK: thanks


(goes to the bathroom and enters the stall and does his business)

UNKNOWN PERSON : Hey buddy ! Do you shave downstairs

(3 second pause) WHAT ?

UNKNOWN PERSON: I said do you shave downstairs !  You know is it tidy down their ?

JACK: Errr... Yes   , are you in the cubicle next door ?



UNKNOW PERSON: Would you consider a wax ?


UNKNOWN PERSON: Oh just wondering thats all , thinking of having it done thats all its all the rage with guys now

JACK , Anyway I can't afford it & Its my first day at work today !

UNKNOWN : Well you won't get rich in this F**ked place! - Been here over 20 years . Hell I can't even afford to pay $100 for prostitute  . heck I would have to sell my freaking wedding ring ! for a decent BJ!!

JACK: Well I suppose we are in a triple dip recession , anyway i am, saving up to go travelling around the world , love to go to china to see the great wall

UNKNOWN: I won a competition to see the Great Wall of China

JACK: oh wow , THAT must have been awesome !


The sound of flushing can be heard and the door unlocked and the man gets out washes hands and leaves bathroom..Jack is on his own…his mobile phone rings , its jacks ex-girlfriend Stacey , she speaks 10 languages


STACEY : Hey i just saw a photo of your new girlfriend , GOD SHE IS UGLY & i bet she does'nt speak 10 languages like i do!

JACK: Well you know...Stace  i have a confession to I f**ked your mother last night and she was Freaking  USELESS , now trying saying THAT IN 10 LANGUAGES!!   (jack laughs out loud & cuts call)

Jack finishes his business and tires to unlock the door , but can't the door is locked! , he is stuck unable to get out

JACK : HELP !! (
beings to bang on the door!)
JACK : HELP , HELP  is there anybody their I am stuck !
(now gets desperate) BANGS ON THE DOOR HARD

CLEANER hears the noise and comes into the bathroom

CLEANER: Hey buddy whats the problem !

JACK : I am STUCK !! , the lock on the door its stuck and I can't get the F**K OUT !!

CLEANER: ok, ok ,ok don't  panic i will get help..

Cleaner goes to reception

5 mins later 2 security guards come into the boardroom with the cleaner - trying to force open the door . no luck

CLEANER: look you going to have climb over yourself , this is like Fort freaking Knox !

JACK; Oh crap !

Jack stands on the toilet , the gap to climb over is small but manageable , as Jack climbs through the gap , he hears a creak and suddenly the toilet wall collapses  under the weight of Jack and comes crashing down!!

Jack tries to hold on but is helpless and comes crashing down too. He looks up and sees 2 security guards & the cleaner looking down on him laughing …His mobile phone starts to ring , Jack looks a the phone display , shows unknown caller

JACK: hello?

VOICE ON PHONE : female shouts down the phone MINICAB!!!! puts phone down



Top 10 Lists


Red , Black, Yellow , Orange , Blue , White , Green , Brown, Purple , Pink

The Yellow Post It Note

The yellow post it note said it all "Off to see my Uncle  In hospital for 2 days " it was that was the last post it note she wrote, thank god i said to, i got the house to myself.  How did this happen ?  - why would you spend  2 days with your dad who only had a dodgy knee.

For me it was clear,  it was a  "you can leave if you want"   Was it another lost in translation moment, looking back i don't think so. There was a time post it notes were everywhere  

I think it was green for shopping , red for must do , blue for i can't  remember and my favourite  fluorescent pink, the " I love you ones " & " Your eyes are so beautiful"

This was proper old skool,  just like writing a letter and putting a stamp on it !  The twitter generation would not understand this.

The announcement came over  the train station   "Kings cross train to London" is arriving at
platform 3. So i looked at my phone , 33 missed calls … from her and the garden boy?? ..oops i forgot to pay him for the garden..oh well…he can have the beer under the  celler saved for a BBQ days  

Mum called , not ranting or raving as expected but nice and calm , i couldn't tell you what she said because of the crazy kids behind me . but i just said yes to everything just to get her off the phone .

I took the the yellow post and looked at it for the last time and jumped into the Kings Cross train to London.


The Countryside

Aug 3 2003 ..I said goodbye to the countryside and made my way to the big city

I didn't want to go , In my heart i really wanted to stay but in my mind I was already there. My big idea made me go, after so many flops and near misses I had to go.
If not I would lose everything i ever had in my life. It was that simple.

Looking at the email again, it  seems strange whey they would pick me. Failed college degree, did not graduate , I did everything wrong, even the press didn't know what was going on, they must have seem a million deals like this already.

But .. you grow up dreaming of this , you see it happen to other people not you.  Why why was idea so great?

It didn't cure cancer , wasn't the secret to DNA . it was just a piece of software . I googled the guy  who sent me the email again ,  his face immediately appeared and according to Forbes he was worth a trillion dollars. not a billion but a trillion! Here is a guy who played by his own rules ,  I  would really like to work with this guy.

before I got carried away with thoughts of staying at the Ritz and eating caviar. I felt a tap on the shoulder by the time i turned around my body was already on the floor.

I woke up in bed , with a headache and the radio playing in the background , it was all just a stupid dream !!!

 (sorry could not think of an ending!)


Create Conflict

Establishing relationship - television producing a movie in a hotel  

John : So what are we going to the tell the studio
Sue : i don't know , you cannot tell them anything yet

Sue :This film cannot be delayed again
John: This time last year , we got away with it .but not again

John: The actor has not turned up
Sue: Were is he last time i saw him he was in the bar drinking shots !

John: well ….lets call him
Sue: I called him ,he is not answering !

John: Ok well lets call his agent right now !
Sue: I did 30 times even his agent doesn't know where he is !

John: ok well if he does'nt turn up we will have to tell the studio
Sue: The studio are going to go  ballistic , we supported this guy
our ass is on the line!

John: I just got a text from him he  thought we said 10.30 not 9.30
Sue: Jesus !!!



School Reunion


Garden Centre

Fish out of water

1) City guy moves the the countryside

2) Country boy goes to the big city

3) English / USA person goes to work abroad in india or africa



List 10 obstacles keeping character, starting on a couch, from getting something from fridge

1) Someone at the door

2) Fridge door handle is jammed

3) Telephone rings

4) Mobile phone rings

5) Kids want you to play

6) Trips up on the carpet

7) Can't find slippers !

8) Can't find glasses


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