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Final Project - Final Layout

Final Project - Final piece

This is the final version of my quote!

I spent a long time looking at my previous layout design/thinking about the concept of a sunrise and I decided to scrap it! It didn't portray the meaning the quote has for me and the layout was tricky to space out so I came up with a new idea. When I think of the word 'beginning' I think of the start of something, perhaps a story or a journey so I wanted to use this theme for my quote layout. Your life often goes in all sorts of directions and as this quote states, every moment is a fresh beginning, it's a new step, a new path to take which is why I chose to incorporate arrows into the design. 

I wanted the colours to symbolise the word 'FRESH' so I went for bright and bold!

If I were to animate this quote I think I would have the word ‘EVERY’ grow into view and then the word ‘MOMENT’ would fade in. The words ‘IS A’ would zoom across on the arrow it is placed inside and then the letters from the word ‘FRESH’ would burst one by one onto screen, like the bubbles popping in a freshly poured glass of lemonade! Finally, the word ‘Beginning’ would be animated as if it was drawn via arrows moving around.

Here are some sketches I did for the new idea:

Final Project - update

Following feedback on my initial ideas I thought I would try and create a new layout that symbolised the quote more. I have gone for a sunrise theme as I think it links well with fresh beginnings, I've chosen the word 'beginning' to be part of a sunrise. I still need to refine it and sort out the fonts/sizing but I'd really like feedback on whether people think that this layout is working?

Final Project - Picking your quote

I have chosen this quote for my final layout:

"Every moment is a fresh beginning"

Here are my initial sketches and ideas:

Creating your own typefaces - Update

Using the resource mentioned in the video tutorial I downloaded a template sheet and created a couple of my own hand drawn fonts. The first font, which is how I use to write headers in my sketchbooks at uni, came out really well!

I wanted something in contrast for the second font so I tried to draw a font that was bolder and chunky, unfortunately I had some trouble loading it into the site and there are a few unwanted gaps that appear between some letters, it gives it a childish feel to it. 

Here are my photographs of my initials using different ways of creating the letters

Here is my attempt at hand drawing the letters from the type sheet. I decided to challenge myself and draw them free-hand instead of tracing them, some are a bit poor (my hand isn't as steady as I thought!) but overall I am quite happy/proud that I managed to draw them all with no real difficulty :)


Kerning Practice:

This is my first attempt at adjusting the kerning in a layout of text:

The kerning game

1st attempt: 82/100

2nd attempt: 91/100

Type around me:

Ten words, ten typefaces:


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