Final Project: Dear Feminists of America

I usually post links to my blog posts on facebook and twitter, which I also did this time.  But, per Jennifer's suggestion, I also put a link to my (new) facebook page on my blog.  This blog post has quickly climbed into my top 3 posts- the most popular after my knitting patterns.  Putting a sidebar with 'most popular posts' has helped too, as I get a lot of traffic from knitting patterns, and I think people then click on the most popular posts to see what the blog is about.  This post had more 'shares' on facebook than my other posts.  I think people appreciatted the honesty with which it was written, and how it can apply to them as well, which is why it was shared more than other posts.   Thank you all for your feedback!  Again, here is the link to the post (I've now changed over to my own URL,
I also had a guest blog post go up earlier this week, would love to share that too:
I find myself drawn to blogs that cover topics of interest to me: knitting, cooking, wholistic living, parenting to name a few.  (Also the types of things I write about at my own blog,

I love this blog post for several reasons: first, she always has lovely photos.  (A blog without photos or without good photos usually won't draw me in.)  She is also talking about a ritual or rythm that she has found helpful, offering the reader to try the same, and giving a recipe whether they want to use it to the same purpose or not.

I think this project is lovely and well thought out.  Again, this project invites the reader to participate in a meaningful- but also simple- way.

I love this blog.  She is funny, entertaining, and most of all, provides so many awesome recipes.

The things that the blogs I follow have in common seem to be: interesting topic, visuals- both well done photos in the blog posts as well as a clean nicely laid out blog, well written, entertaining or inspiring, and sometimes provides me with a 'how to'.  That can be a recipe, a suggestion for something to do in life, a pattern for a craft, or a way to share or participate in the project.


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