Final Presentation by James Daniels

My final presentation:


I made a lot of changes in terms of clip choice, timing, retiming, sound, and of course color.  The color correcting was painful, but I like the waveform views, I think they make more sense than histograms.  When the final project was color corrected it looked so much better!  

I got carried away with the title for the final cut, but it was fun. :)

The timeline below excludes the view of the original 30 second cut.  Also: As this is a class, I welcome your constructive criticism.  Thanks!

Here's how I shortened the second piece of music, should any of you be cureous:



I'm pretty happy with how this came out.  

I found it easiest to edit the video once I had the music in place for rhythm/timing and mood.  I used Google to gather more information about the event and its sculptors which informed the chronology of the piece and the text.  I had a lot of fun with the easter-egg "PSA" at the end and went with the sound effects after trying out a suspensful loop that was just a bit too dramatic.

Storyboard Extra Credit!



I liked this "extra credit" assignment.  I made up a fake commercial that would allow me to play with the placeholders I had at my disposal.  The music, Elysium, fit so perfectly, I couldn't believe it!  

This was a good way to get a taste for placeholders, if I hadn't done it, I probably would have forgotten about this feature entirely.  Thanks!

And yes, I acknowledge that this is super cheesey.  It just seemed like something Patagonia would appreciate.


Rough Cut 2:

I couldn't stand the roughness of the sound so I went ahead and tweaked the audio using skills I'm sure we will soon cover.  I like this a lot more and will feel free to "cheat" more going forward.



Rough Cut 1:


Well, it's rough.  I played around with the features you introduced and avoided the ones not yet mentioned.


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