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Final Pieces 3-23: Retro Glam - Fabulous, Frilly and Fitted


The third of my final illustrations. I'm not a "pink person" in real life, but I do love it on this sparkly dress. Used some pink iridescent sequins and the embossing powder on this one. She's ready for the ball.


Wanted to experiement, just for fun. I painted this without sketching anything first. It's far from perfect, but was fun! I added light lines after to help define her arms, the rest is watercolor. For those interested, I have a 10/0 liner brush I use to do the facial features.

I don't have proper glitter, just some irridescent embossing powder, so I sprinkled some of that on her. Love how that turned out! And yes, it is now *everywhere*. :)

p.s. cheap watercolor paper is cheap for a reason. I'm so glad I got this on sale and from now on will use it for things that can handle a lot of texture showing. (It's different from the other I'd been using.)



I found some bling bits my mom had gotten for me for Christmas - some Martha Stewart kits with various squins, buttons and crystals in color groups. One happened to be pinks and another whites, so I used the pearls from each. 


Second watercolor. This time I used one of my earlier sketches. Pretty happy with it, but still feel like I'm taking too long with it. 


Here's my first stab at the watercolor. I always work it too much- just not as familiar with the medium. Watercolor is so very different from acrylic. :)  This sketch was a combination of imagination and a model pose.

Any and all tips/critiques welcome!!



Had to play some more tonight. Wanted to practice being "loose." I think it went well, overall. I pilfered some images from other mood boards - you guys found the BEST stuff. Seriously, it was worth $20 for this class just to discover so many amazing images and get your non-stop inspiration. I'm loving all of the talent I'm seeing. It's incredibly inspiring!

I printed out the images, hence the wonky inspiration photos in the scans.



Latest sketches below. Having a difficult time sketching "loose." It feels too rigid. Also, the torso on the ruffle girl is out of whack. D'oh! Practice, practice practice!

I was consistently drawn to vintage and retro fashions. I've always loved old sewing pattern illustrations and that love continues through classic fashion images.

I don't know if it's the time period or what, but I noticed I was drawn to many images with hat. Big, beautiful, dramatic hat. 

Other accessories and details caught my eye as well. Shoes, bracelets, neclaces, gloves... all gorgeous and glam.

And this bathing suit. Love.

I love a really beautiful tailored look...

And really swoon over The Dresses. The not so little black dress...

The voluminous ruffles... 

The soft and ethereal...

Dreamy sigh. So beautiful and glamorous. So much to inspire.

This stunning dress was begging to be sketched.


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