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Final- Indecisive

So, I think I'm done with these... but still considering maybe outlining it with black pen?

Sequins were such a mess, but so much fun. I've got them all over me, desk, room... everywhere! :D Depending on how the light hits sequins, they (don't) show on the picture, so here are both photos and scans.

On Karla (grey dress with red flowers) I went a bit out of the box and used this nail polish with silver sequins. And I like the way it turned out.  



Watercolours without sequins:


First watercolours, not too happy with them :(



Done some sketching, not sure yet which one is going to be final illustration. But I struggle with doing it sketchy and lossely. And that's a problem with my art in general, I always do it too literaly and  in detail. 


I'm a bit behind on this but hoping to catch up this week.

For me it's so hard to choose a theme, so my inspirations are all over the place. Can't wait for summer, so there are some bohoish summery looks, some great patterns and of course some beautiful gowns.

When I was a kid I used to draw this things all the time, so I hope this class will remind me of it and get my creative juices flowing :)


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