Final Gesture

Final Gesture - student project

Final Gesture - image 1 - student project

I just finished my second time through the course (12.18.20) and this is the final gesture. Compared to last time it was twice as fast and just all round easier. This is definitely a course I’ll do over and over. 


This class was beyond amazing! Everything I have been searching for to learn about figure drawing (as someone with no art background.) Thank you so much for making your expertise available and for creating such a clear and useful course! I just finished - (5.13.20) and now I'm gong to start over from the beginning again and then will add another drawing when I'm finished going through the second time. It was hard to stop with the timer went off because I wanted to keep noodling but I appreciate that the time forces you to work from big to small! Final Gesture - image 2 - student project

Tasha Space
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