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Final Embelishments: Fabulous Flowing Fashions

Finally done!  Not an easy project for me to finish. Near impossible with a child who has terrible ear infections (screaming and tantrum) also had my computer die. I have to make this post on my phone. pin happy with most of my results, but sorry I can't represent them better hereI There aren't wrinkles in my paper, however my paper may appear wrinkled due to a camera problem. 

Here are my finished watercolours! My computer died on me so I can't use my scanner or programs to enhance these.  I did find a program tht helped me edit these enough that they weren't horrible. 

First watercolour done! It might not look like a watercolour, but that's because this is not done on watercolour paper. This was done in my Moleskin sketchbook (as is the dancing drawing). I wanted to see how the notebook would take watercolour. It seems to work pretty well, but the paper doesn't soak in the colour well, and I have to be careful not to add too much water. I think embelishments will help this a lot.

Here are my graphite illustration sketches. I draw really lightly, so the quality varies depending on paper used. Images have been manipulated to show edges. I wanted to use a lot of different papers for varied results.

There is nothing like a gown that has diaphanous layers that flow as the wearer walks. While the skirt should be flowing I prefer a structured top. Above all I think that colour in the gown must be striking whether it be brightly coloured or muted. All of these gowns speak to me. On a slightly different note I think I'm going to marry Versace (don't tell my husband). 


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