Final Composition Project

Thank you for a wonderful course!! This was amazing. I learned so much. 

Frank, could you clarify what you meant by using lines as shapes such as trianges? Do you mean shapes as a form of vignetting, and/or a framing device within the photo? 

Car Park


More subjectless-esque photos. Soft focus. Taken from a moving train. i added grain and vignetting. Broke the frontal rule.



No real subject, but interesting play of textures and shapes. Does every photo need a subject (except the abstract ones)?



Limbic 2

It was hard combining all the elements... I was drawn to tree-forms as one way of getting shapes out of lines. Frank, do you have any tips for photographing forests/trees? I find it so difficult. 


Went for a walk in DC:



Aerial, Maryland:

Scratches on the airplane window!! :(

Grape Vines:

Another set of staircases, but from below. I had to crouch down super low to get this one. 


Montreal is home to the outdoor walk-up staircase. I love these staircases but find them very difficult to photograph. Something about the lack of clean lines. Any tips? 

Have Heart

A very sunny day made it difficult to get a proper symmetrical look in this photo. I tried burning/dodging some areas in Lightroom. 



Week One - Thirds:

An edited version of Trilogy, below, to account for distortion (to be added):

Here's a more delibrate attempt at the frontal image. Frontal shots are risky, I find, since it's easy to tilt the horizon by accident, or for the lines to become distorted. It doesn't quite look "flat" at the edges. Help. please! 


Ran into some issues with construction equipment in this one. Tried incorporating it.
Frank, I just read your tips actually, and realized most of my shots aren't fully frontal. Rather they're from an angle. The one below, for example, was really difficult to get head-on. 
I also find that for architecture, a few angles help to create a "background" for the image. 


Busy-ness in Background is Bothersome.


This photo was fun, but I have no idea where the fore, mid, and backgrounds are. Reflections are confusing. Tried framing with snow. 


Not sure if the square cropping works here, as the object of interest ends up being off-center. Any comments would help. Thanks!
Wish I had some advanced software i.e. Photoshop, to burn and dodge certain areas. Right now I'm using Iphoto which is a crude tool at best. 

How Sad

I edited this one to blur around the edges, hopefully giving it more a whimsical look (given the gravity of the message itself!)



All my shots are taken with a Fuji X100. 

For this first image, I was in a very cramped room and space was limited to create an extensive foreground. Please let me know what you think! More to come soon. 

Matralab 1. 


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