Final Assessment

Final Assessment - student project

Final Assessment ‘Animal Psychology’

*Chose 1 answer only

1. What is Animal Psychology?

a) Animal Psychology is a science of studying behaviours and cognitive processes of non-human animals 

2. What is the theory on domesticating dogs?
b) Dogs were domesticated 30-40 000 years ago but the researchers still argue about the exact details of their domestication

3. What is the age of dogs when they are in their ‘puppyhood’?
c) From birth to 6-18 months old (depending on breed and the dog’s development)

4. Why should you not use ammonia-based cleaning products when having a puppy in the house?

b) Ammonia can smell like a dog’s pee which can be counter-productive for dog’s housetraining

5. What is ‘separation anxiety’ in dogs?

a) Separation anxiety is when a dog gets stressed when their owner is absent

6. What is the 2 main reasons for dog’s aggression?

c) Dog’s frustration and dominance

7. What is the average cat’s lifespan?

a) 16 years - more or less (depending on breed and genetics)


8. At what age cat’s behaviour is usually formed? 

c) 6 months old


9. Why do cats scratch surfaces?
b) to deposit their scent and to sharpen their claws

10. When do cats use meowing? 

a) to communicate with humans

11. If you see a cat displaying aggressive behaviour, what you should not do?

touch or punish the cat for their behaviour 

12. What is the best way of stopping an undesirable behaviour in your cat?

b) distract him with a clap or by saying firmly ‘Stop!’

13. Up to how many rabbits can be in one litter?

c) 14

14. What is the lifespan of a rabbit?

a) Around 10 years

15. When a rabbit can chew your possessions?

c) When they are bored