Final (11/4/12): Gum

Final (11/4/12): Gum  - student project



  • Objective (What is the goal of this branding project)?
  • Make the gum a go-to item when she wants a little pick-me-up to feel healthier.
  • Target (who is brand trying to reach)
  • Middle aged woman who has the best intentions in getting more fit and healthy but doesn’t always meet those goals. Busy and distracted with her many daily tasks but has good intentions.
  • Any efforts that brings her closer to being healthier, with minimal effort, appeals to her. 
  • She’ll order a full dinner out but skip the bread basket.  She’ll go to the exercise class but refrain from the final push up set. She’ll buy organic and natural products but only if they’re at a convenient supermarket.


  • Insight (what deep consumer need is the brand trying to solve)
  • It’s a truism in hiking to take small steps while walking uphill. The gum is the small step.  It helps you start to achieve the goal of being healthier by breaking it down into a smaller, literally “bite sized” chunk. 
  • Self-improvement with minimal effort and guilt.
  • Doing good without doing much.


  • Key Idea (core purpose)
  • Mini-dose of empowerment. 
  • A first step on the road to self-improvement.


  • Supporting Facts/ Reasons to Believe
  • Freshens breath 
  • Provides a shot of energy, vitamins & minerals 
  • Made of natural ingredients with small environmental footprint
  • Minimal spend for something that’s beneficial to you
  • Three Word Personality
  • First move
  • Incremental 
  • Bourree - In ballet, a series of little steps on the tip of your toes (thinking that could even be the product name but maybe it’s if too elitist?)


  • Collage/mood board
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