FinAid Alert: The College Affordability Alarm Clock

Stress levels are at their peak as a senior in high school. Nothing adds more stress to a high schooler than navigating the complex financial aid process necessary to afford a post-secondary education. With all that's going on , memorizing deadlines for scholarships can become an overwhelming process that deters students from admitting themselves to colleges and universities.

This can be resolved with the FinAid Alert. By simply downloading this app, users can be informed and reminded of FAFSA, CSS Profile and university registration dates and deadlines for financial aid with the click of a button. FinAid Alert is also a coach. As soon as you've selected the Financial Aid resources that you wish to apply for, FinAid Alert reminds you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis of impending deadlines. 

With FinAid Alert, students can have the foresight necessary to financially afford the path to success, a post-secondary education.


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