Filtered Thought Logo Concept

Filtered Thought Logo Concept - student project

1. After sketching my ideas for this logo concept with paper and pencil, I jumped in and used (and slightly altered) the closest matching letters from the condensed font provided for this project.

Filtered Thought Logo Concept - image 1 - student project

2. Although it's subtle here, I took a while to get each of the vertical lines and vertical spacing consistent by busting out the guides in Photoshop and making sure everything was evened out. That's when I noticed that the count of the vertical bars and spaces for these two words were almost identical. (Score!) To tie the letters together, I also wound up attaching the D and T.

Filtered Thought Logo Concept - image 2 - student project

3. Although it took a while, this next step was probably my favorite part of the project. Adding the slight curve to the letters and cleaning them up with creating the caps and curves was a blast. This definitely reminded me of the type of lettering that might be used in vintage surf magazines, which I loved and could potentially go back to.

Filtered Thought Logo Concept - image 3 - student project

4. Bringing the letters back into Illustrator to add a bit of texture (and vector!) was a bit scary at first. I loved the surfer vibe letters in that last step, so I was pretty hesitant to proceed here and decided to keep it pretty minimal. Taking it back into Photoshop before the final step, I wound up reducing much of the rough texture added by Illustrator and manually rounded all of the corners a little.

Filtered Thought Logo Concept - image 4 - student project

5. Finally, without spending lots of time on it, I added a little color, aiming to keep the vibe fun, but also add hints of boldness, creativity and drama to it due to the nature of the blog this will be for.

Filtered Thought Logo Concept - image 5 - student project

That's it for now! Friendly, constructed feedback is very welcome, always.