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Film Shots

Here are some of my shots from my Rolleiflex 3.5E (and a couple from my Diana mini further below). I didn't write down any of my settings, but they're on Fujicolor Reala 100 ISO, expired 2005.

The 'Good' Ones:

  • My Dad (featuring his 'fake smile'):
    It's not the most exciting shot, but I was happy to have gotten the lighting on this one to turn out pretty well.

  • My Brother @ the Shop:
    Holding the Come In sign I designed for them. I liked how this one turned out with the angle, and the Open sign lit up behind him.


The 'Bad' Ones:

  • My Mom & Effie:
    Effie is our 17-year-old Bichon Frise. She gets to ride in a shopping cart when we go out to the local garden / nursery store because they all know her there. I'm disappinted by the composition of this one but she moves around so much I had to snap a shot while I could. I like that my mom is slightly out of focus looking down at Effie.

  • This was the first shot I took of my brother but I hate everything about it - the tilt of the shot, how far away he is, the bright  patch of sun on the ground while the rest is in shade. Blech.



I hate this camera - it always gets the film jammed, tears the sprockets, and is an awkward size and shape - kind of small but kind of boxy so not entirely 'compact'. But it takes some pretty fun shots. These are all on Polaroid 35mm 100 ISO expired 2001.

This is a double-exposure I did of a longer name of a building stenciled on the sidewalk out front:

And this is a shot of the beach down near where I used to live. I went for a walk really early one morning and someone had taken a bunch of branches and wood and made these weird (and slightly creepy) scultpures:


In last week's office hours I mentioned that I had been doing some food photography for my mom's organic food restaurant, so I thought I'd post them here for fun, and as a temporary placeholder until I get my film back.

Fall Veggie Soup

Hot Cross Buns



She makes baby / toddler food too, so I made these ones a bit more fun:

Tomato Lentil Carrot Puree

Chicken Balls

Mini Pizzas

I'll stop there... :)

Hope everyone's projects are going well!


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