Film Review -- Should doctors rethink the practice of giving blood transfusions?

Dear Paul

Primum Non Nocere: First Do No Harm, exposes the real costs and risks of transfusing blood -- both financial and medical. Because of your extensive radio audience, I would like to request that you reveiw this film and make it the subject for an upcoming talk back program.  Recent controversies in Queensland public health sector  puts this subject high on the agenda of Queensland residents. 

Most patients are unaware of the risks and dangers posed by the administering of whole blood and blood products.  For example,  this documentary showed me that there are not just four blood types but actually hundreds --  a fact that highlights the problem of accurate blood matching.  Viewers learn about one of the greatest obstacles facing global health care: the automatic rejection of new knowledge because it contradicts current practice.

 Primum Non Nocere is available here:

 I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Wendy Finlayson


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