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Film Poster: No Man's Land

Hello hello i'm Luigi! I chose to make my poster of a Bosnian foreign film I really love called 'No Man's Land.' It tells the story of 3 soilders (from different sides) caught in the middle lines on a battlefield of the Bosnian War. I love this movie because it really show you several aspects of war on a human to human level. Depitcting both subtle and very desperate moments in a way that makes you feel for the participents, rather than their causes.

Since this is a war film I wanted to make my poster a bit edgy. My main goal was to show a seperation of sides in this sort of physical "no man's land."

An early idea:


I thought I'd start with a sort of "dirty" color for the background..,cause after all, war isn't pretty. The red 'cut out' mid-section of the title represents the danger zone. The awards listed on top are actual awards this film won which I recreated to give more life to the poster.


Now, I wanted to try bringing a little color into it and really try to show a true seperation of sides on a battleground.


Lastly, I drew some cracks to try and represent the actual ground that is 'no man's land.'


Thanks for taking a peek!
Much love,
Luigi III


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