Joaquim Gonsalves

Motorcyclist. Dreamer. Writer. Actor



Film Maker

  1. By July 23rd 2015, I need to read and retain with optimum levels of comprehension. As a film maker and knowledge junkie it is imperative to read a whole lot. And having a regular day job means restricted amount of time for reading. Hence, I need to upgrade my retention and speed in a manner that would stay with me until the grave.
  2. By August 31st 2015, I need to have upgraded my memory so as to assist with my job that deals with data and formulae and more importantly to aid in my level of proficiency as an Actor. Memorizing lines is but one part, albeit an important one in an actor's tool kit. Being able to do this swiftly and accurately will help me focus on the other nuances of a scene/character.
  3. By November 24th 2015, I need to have accelerated learning abilities so as to learn all the basics of 3D Printing for my January 2016 business venture.


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