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Kimberly Carney

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Fill-er-up | The Idiom Project

July 29

First of all, I love that Idiom site! Fantastic inspiration.

I cheated, I listened to the entire class in one sitting at work. I am trying to reconnect to my love of illustration. Get my groove back. Find the fun. I have been doing this for too long. And now I am faced with a fun illustration that I am struggling with. Which is why I love these SkillShare classes!  They seem to be just the trick of learning something new, and renewing the special feeling of doing something I love.

Put lead  in one's pencil

Made me think of filling up with unleaded gas immediately, and the tip of the pencil of the gas tank reader, E and F. At a gas station.

A picture paints a thousand words

Maybe my thinking too simply, but honestly, I see a famous painting written in a colored words to make up the image. Sounds delightful but will take too much time to create that with a 1,000 words. Maybe later.

Between a rock and a hard place

Love it, thinking.

Blue moon (rare event)

I love the imagery of that! Immediately I think of song, blue, jazzy smoke-filled setting

But I think I need to jot down more thoughts and corresponding images and not just go with my first ideas that plop in my head. Like Mikey. 

Going with the first, years of doing illustrations "in just about an hour"  ;(  

Also I want to try a different approach and will try to use my wacom tablet. I have not used that in ages.



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