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Jenna Valoe

Milwaukee Fiber Artist



Fill Your Home with Things You Love


Rain & the River is a handcrafted home textile store that offers whimsical heirloom quality quilts, pillows and wall hangings to transform space into home.


  1. What is marketing for?  To introduce people to R&R and the textiles I make.  To get these people thinking about how R&R would elaborate their stories.  "This _____ suits me so well, it's how I want my home to feel."  I want to tell a story about how R&R products will claim your space and make you feel 'at home'.
  2. What are we allowed to touch?  Everything.  What can be changed?  Almost everything.  NOT how long it takes to create items.  NOT fabric suppliers.  CAN change the products size > less time  CAN change the some of the formats > make prints available of more expensive items for people who enjoy the aesthetic but can't afford a large piece  CAN change what it is I make > new products 
  3. What can we measure?  Feedback on Instagram and Twitter.  How many people are visiting the site. Sales.  How I spend/invest money. My time and efforts.
  4. What can we change?  What I make.  How people view/feel about "home".  People's ideas about what quilts look like and how they can be used.
  5. What promise am I going to make?  To myself:  to make quality textile and fiber pieces. To stay true to my artistic visions.  To always try and maintain a positive work/life balance.  To my customers:  they are purchasing a well made heirloom quality item.  This item is made from a place of love and will contribute to/enhance their sense of home.
  6. What is the hard part?  Everything! Getting people to visit the R&R web site and additionally to make a purchase.  Maintaining my high levels of excitement and inspiration.
  7. Are we making trends or following?  Following the ever growing handcrafted trend. Making trends in my interpretations of traditional textile design.
  8. Where's the risk? For me: monetarily, rejection of ideas.  For the brand: it will either sink or swim!  People will either relate to embrace my story and products or they won't. For the customer: They are making an investment and I'm asking them to trust me and trust in what I create.
  9. Who's in charge? I am. Many hats all on my head.
  10. What is the money for?  Telling my story and making it relatable so that people will get excited about it and want to own a piece of it through buying a handcrafted textile.  To convince people that creating a sense of home is important and positive experience.

What is the most important way to spend my time?  To portray a consise, happy and persuasive story that is fun to read and relatable.  To tell that story to everyone!  And to simultaneously keep creating quality textile pieces that keep people interested in my story and where it's going.


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