Figuring things out

Figuring things out - student project

When I started this board I was having a hard time figuring out Pinterest. I think I was mostly picking illustrations that I liked more than Lifestyle images. My favorite Illustrators currently are Tony Rodriguez, PJ Loughran, Victo Ngai, Steve Simpson, and Tim Biskup. Though not all are represented on the board. 

I think a unifying themes are: a fluid line work or strong line work, oranges and blues, water, some distortion with strong drawing skill, animals, sports, and music with lots of figural work.

I see some of these themes in my own work that has been more in the painting fine art realm. I think some of these things are why I've felt blocked in building a portfolio of illustration with the themes I want. Like I love doing portrait illustrations of famous people but have often been hesitant because I have to work from photos. What do illustrators do about that? Then where would I market that? Prints, Editorial, Magazines and what about image usage? 

I also feel like have a tendency to overwork how accurately I want proportions and colors to look and they become more static and lifeless. I am currently trying to go back to my more linear painting style where I use a more scribbly line like Tony Rodriguez, but I don't want to feel like I am copying his style. I worked in that style long before I started seeing his work. I think seeing his work and success with that style has also given me permission in a way to try to develop that style of work again. Then I also feel like I would be competing with him as an unknown against someone who's work is recognizable. 

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Figuring things out - image 1 - student project

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