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Figuring out My Style and Brand


I'm a graphic and digital design student based in central Florida. I've been snapping pictures and using Instagram since the iPhone 3GS, but it wasn't until recently that I've begun to really take better photos. I took a photography class as an elective this past semester and I have taken many of the Skillshare classes which have really inspired me and have definitely help in improving my photography.

My biggest problem with finding my own voice in photography is that I love almost every style of photography. From portrait, to street, to fashion, to nudes, to night photography. Probably everything except food photography. But I think for the past two to three months I have begun to hone in on certain look and tone. I think my latest 9 pictures on Instagram represent what I'm best at and where I'm heading.

So here the are.

Early Morning in Downtown Orlando 


Lakeside Park at Celebration, FL

Lake Eola at Downtown Orlando

Creek and Pedestrian Bridge at my Hometown Kissimmee

Courthouse Building at Night in Downtown Orlando

Ape in Busch Gardens Tampa

Surreal Self Portrait(Done with Mobile Apps like PS Touch and Lens Light)

Pedestrian Bridge Overpass at Lake Mary, FL

Surreal Street Picture(Another edited pic with PS Touch and Lens Light)

I also cleaned up the info on my bio a bit. It says "Designer and Image maker from the Sunshine State. Mobile snapper and DSLR shooter. For inquiries or gigs: [email protected] "

Thanks to Gareth Pon for giving this class. Feedback is welcome. Let me know what you guys think.


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