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Piya Wannachaiwong

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Figuring Out This Typography Thing

I'm a fantasy illustrator who has spent his whole life studying life drawing, perspective, lighting and narrative storytelling. I've come to realize that has taught me NOTHING about typography and graphic design. I'm here to change that.

My 10 words...

Most fonts either taken off the standard fonts from my computer or from Sweet Sans was purchased.

These are the typography samples I've found around me. Sorry about the cramming.

The Summer BBQ invite was one of the first things that ever got me to start thinking about typography. There's a ton of fun in it, with colors that signify heat, grassy fields and water. The variety of fonts working together tells me the creator has serious confidence.

The Shakespeare mug of insults, my mug of choice, has a variety of fonts in a variety of colors, but all of the fonts are bold and wouldn't be considered 'pretty'. This is a mug looking for a fight. 

To its left is the Tarry Lodge restaurant business card. Serious class to it.

This next series has a bunch of images stolen off my friend's Pinterest board and believe it or not, my church's FB page.

The Madame Butterfly is simple and bold, very typically Japanese, and also servere. This is not a comedy show.

The Kate and Sean invite is alot of fun; beautiful without being too feminine. This is a wedding that's going to emphasize party over formality. The wedding menu to its right is just the opposite; that's the wedding where your drink must be sipped with your pinky finger sticking out.

The Rudolph circus act poster is pure vintage fun.

The gentleman and scholar Father's Day card is one of my favorites. Beautiful, but masculine.

The 'It's All Good' graphic is a surprising logo for the church season of Good Friday. Our Pastor is a dynamic, brilliant and bold preacher of the Word, and he's forced us to relook at our faith many times. This logo helps reflect that.

Just a couple of updates today: first are a couple of typographical examples found walking around NYC. The Lovely Universe sign is feminine, simple, straightforward. Below it is a book of Jazz. I LOVE the design of the book. To be honest, it was the drawing and its composition that got me, but then again, I'm an illustrator first and foremost. That being said, the type isn't bad; the word 'Jazz' is definitely playful and in the right spirit, but I'm concerned it's a little difficult to read. I don't think the font needs to be changed, but it could be tweaked. The birthday card on the upper right is perfect for a friend of mine whose birthday is 1/2/14. I'm going to redo the quote with my own typography and post it here. The Austen quote is interesting; it's a quote for women, yet thankfully, it's not loaded with pink and saccharine sweetness everywhere.

This is a book cover design I came up with when I first starting thinking about doing typography. It's a book I WISH would be written someday. It's based off the movie poster for Thor.

Oh and I forgot my typography letters. Here they are. I was rushed at the last row so things got ugly. I'll redraw those soon.

A while ago, I found a Man of Steel movie fan made poster that I just fell in love with. The image was very small and I can't find a larger sized one, so I stole his idea and did it myself! I figured it was good for studying kerning anyway. Here it is.

Finally, some sketches for my project for this class. I still will be doing my 'Faith It Until You Make It' quote, but I've also got a birthday coming up and I want to take advantage of this class by making her birthday card. Here's a really rough first sketch.


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