Figures in non-space, with things Zine

Figures in non-space, with things Zine - student project

My zine idea isn't really complicated.  I play and record music and a seemingly inescapable side effect of that is constantly covetting and pining for instruments and recording gear I am convinced will make my life better in some vague way.  So, for my zine I am going to draw pictures of these things.  However I also want to draw figures, so I am going to make a series of vignette illustrations featuring musical equipment and figures arranged together in strange non-spaces.  To empahsis that these are vignettes I am going to use found text from product manuals and advertisments to fill the parts of the page not taken up by illustrations.  That's it really. 

It will be a half page (8.5x5.5) size, saddle stitch (stapled) and I would like to print it on a Risograph in one or two colors, but that will depend on whether or not I can located a Risograph machine and price it against xerox copies.  I hope it looks nice when I'm done.