Figure Drawing Practice - Brent Eviston

Figure Drawing Practice - Brent Eviston - student project

First of all, I would like to thank Brent for creating such an amazing series of courses!

I don't think I am a beginner artist, but I definitely lacked the training in the fundamentals and core concepts of art. I really wanted to improve my skills and become good at drawing anatomy for character design. While searching for the courses which offered this, I thankfully came across the courses offered by Brent.

(Spoiler Alert: This is not an overnight transformation! Took many months to achieve the results)

I began by rigorously practicing the fundamentals starting from the basics DAILY. (Yes, it was really tough! But I tried to practice for at least 30 mins every day. Trust me guys, the time you invest will be worth it!)

(Sorry I don't have my earlier drawings since they got displaced while moving during these tough times)

Volumes and shading practice - 


Figure Drawing Practice - Brent Eviston - image 1 - student project


After being comfortable with the concepts of volumes, measurements, proportions, shading, etc. I moved on to figure drawing.


Started with the first course covering gesture drawing.


Figure Drawing Practice - Brent Eviston - image 2 - student project


Few images to show gesture drawing practice.

Tip: If you want to do a pro gamer move, try increasing the playback speed of the practice reels. It will really help you to focus on the most important aspects rather than indulging in the details. (Make it x2, I dare you!) :D


Moved on to the volumetric drawing of the figures after being comfortable with gesture drawing.

Figure Drawing Practice - Brent Eviston - image 3 - student project

The extra activities really helped a lot to simplify the volumes!

And then came the test of putting all the concepts learned together.

Started shading the figures, while applying all the previous concepts learned.

Figure Drawing Practice - Brent Eviston - image 4 - student project

Felt really good seeing the improvement in the figures over the days. But, consistently tried to identify the mistakes, rewatching the videos, and applying them again.

And bam! The drawings started to look more lively than I could have ever imagined before.

Figure Drawing Practice - Brent Eviston - image 5 - student project


Yes, there is a lot of room for improvement. But I am really pleased with the results I have achieved over the months. Truly grateful to Brent for providing such phenomenal content, that would really help you pursue your drawing ambitions.

So guys, even though it might seem impossible in the beginning, I truly believe anyone can draw if you put in the effort and consistently work towards getting better. Wishing you all HAPPY DRAWING!!!!


Note to Brent: It would be amazing if you could create in-depth courses on anatomy drawing. Many like me, would love to learn even more from you on the topic. 


Thanking you,