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Fighting the Ugliness

So, here are my answers to the homewok questions, followed by a more coherent version of my beleifs and goals. I'm still wrestling with whether to be crazy idealistic (see below) or tone it down and be more digestable while being sure to never do things that cross these ideals. Feedback on that is welcome.

Visual version to come.

What values or ideas are you willing to experience discomfort for? 

The world is an absolutely wonderful, beautiful, generous place, but it needs a reminder to fully embody this identity.

All of the issues we face as humans on this planet are rooted in the fact that we've forgotten that humans are at the other end of every transaction we make. Every time we're greedy, we're causing another's lack. When we're power-hungry, we're weilding power over people, not just our workday or stock options. I beleive that we just need to be reminded on an experential, soul-level that we're all connected and that the things we're constantly reaching for (money, power, winning) are poor stand-ins for what's truly beautiful (security, respect, sharing).

Where in your life have you maybe been made fun of for something you really believed in? What were those beliefs?

I honestly can't think of any beleifs I've been ridiculed for, but here are some actions:

- Wearing clothes and hairstyles that feel right to me.  (Time period, black panther, hippie comments.)

- Trusting compliments from men. ("He must really like you because he LIED to you!")

- Trusting that I could be who I wanted to be. ("You can't dance," "You'll be a starving artist," etc)

If you had to choose one quality to live by, what would it be?

REAL respect. To me, respect leads to fair policies and laws, safety in any neighborhood, etc.

Why are you different? 

I'm a creative and making beautiful products and images is important to me, but I consider myself a human being first. This means I could really care less about eye-gasm inducing work unless it makes someone's life easier, crosses a communication barrier or makes someone feel seen or heard who hadn't before.

You're talking to my super dog Luna (she can talk human, long story). She says to you, "What do you actually care about? Forget the shit you say is important to you because you want to fit in."
What ideas would you defend? Maybe even take a bullet for? Or at least a fast moving shopping cart?

Don't, I repeat, don't fuck with kids. Don't tell them they can never be who they want, marry who they want or otherwise force them into a box you don't even like for yourself. They are (small) humans, not "pester power" or a mirror in which you might glimpse yourself. Give them opportunity. Give them unlimited horizons. Don't give them your baggage or the bullshit you need to sleep at night. If they grow up and find out you've fucked with them to your benefit and their detriment, remember that they're on the other side of the diapers and decisions. You'd better hope they've learned fairness and kindness somewhere else along the way.

~MY BELEIFS AND GOALS - in a conversational tone~

This is a beautiful world we live in. It's full of SO MANY wonders that we could never count them all. 

So why are our news, our stores, our homes and our LIVES filled with so much UGLINESS?

I don't mean "ugly" people or "ugly" clothes. I mean the things we strive towards and deify.

The things we're convinced are the most beautiful that could enter our lives:

Money. Power. Winning.

These ideas are just wannabees. They're the things we crave when we're missing true beauty: 

Security. Respect. Sharing.

Think about it: when you were a kid, you wanted to be safe (security), not to be picked on (respect) and simple things like friendship, a piece of the birthday cake, a turn on the swings (sharing).

As you got older, the things you were told you wanted (by the TV, mostly) required money. The opportunites you were told to reach for like hall monitor, team captain or student president entailed power. By the time you reached "adulthood," everything you were doing was about winning a seat in your preferred college or company. From then it was about winning accolades and promotions so that you would have more power and ultimately, more money.

We've all heard by now that this is very rarely a soul-gratifying path. Yet it's still what most people are reaching for.

I want to help the humans of the world remember what real beauty is. The things you strove for when life was most beautiful because those ideals came naturally to you: security, respect and sharing.

Because when we focus on beautiful systems, actions and ideals, we live up to the example set for us from the beginning: this planet full of wonder from whence we came.

If you have a beautiful idea rooted in promoting security, respect and sharing for many or all people, I'd love to hear about it. In fact, figuring out how to make that happen is what I live for. 


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