Fighting for Purpose

Fighting for Purpose - student project

Hello, my name is Enco, and since I don't want to bore you with my whole life story, I'll just share this.

I value being fit, fruitful, and focused.
And in name of the last, I chose 4 aspects of my identity to hone in on and give them my full attention and effort.

First of all, I am an Apprentice.

Or in other words a perpetual student,
I value learning immensely, being so interested in something that you just discovered is amazing because it means there is room to grow, to better understand, or that there are changes to make.
So when there is nothing that I want to learn, it is because my dreams don't inspire anymore. That's boredom I want to avoid.

Next, I am an Athlete.

Nothing makes me happier than moving, exercising, being able to do things others can't. And challenging myself to run from comfort.
And lucky for me I'm actually good at it.

I am an Artist.

I love creating.
Finding and focusing on the beauty around. And when there's none, creating hope that there will be.

And last, I am an Ambassador.
A mirror of the one I admire, reflecting the beautiful characteristics I see.
And let there be no confusion, I am talking about God.

But even if you don't share this belief, I promise you, you long for his character to shine in our world as much as I do.

Justice, to punish what is wrong and save those who suffer from its absence.
Love, to accept everyone no matter what.
Peace, for wars to end and hate to cease.
This, I want to reflect on the world around me.


You might be thinking, this is all good and well but why am I here, why are you telling me who you are?

Well, even though this is my identity, and I am both all of these things, I don't have the provision to be out living with Purpose.

My mission is to provoke thoughts, touch hearts, change lives, and save souls..

That's why I am starting a Non-profit, with which I am going to help missionaries and n.p organizations by creating content:
photos & films to better communicate to their supporters what they do, what their vision is, and what they already have accomplished!
Also helping them set up a fundraising system (tailored to their capacity, needs & growth) that they're able to sustain.