Fighting Back Against the Desk Job

UPDATE: Since I made this action plan I've been pretty consistent with working out and eating reasonanbly well. I only missed one day of exercise due to an ill-fated work happy hour that also tanked my healthy eating habits for the day (ugh) and have noticed improvement in my physical well-being since the beginning of January when I started my plan. Today was my birthday, and I successfully navigated the barrage of sweet treats from the office, opting for chocolate-dipped fruit over the ice cream sandwiches in the freezer - it's the little things that mark success. Saturday night is my big birthday dinner, and I am doing plently of internet research (thanks, Yelp!) to find a place that will be fun, allow me to eat healthily without missing out on all the fun, and enjoyable for my two vegan friends. So far so good on the whole, though. I'm eager to weigh myself this week and see if I have made progress this week - I hope I have!

2013 marks the year of the full body reboot. In high school and college I was very fit, even training for a triathlon during the summer of 2011. Since graduating and starting a full time job I have become quite the coach potato. On January 1, I got fed up - fed up with how I looked, how I felt, and how my body performed. I decided to change it.

Since my biggest struggle is fitting exercise into my busy work schedule (I'm a paralegal with a litigation firm and regularly work 10-12 hour days), I'm starting small. I've enlisted my boyfriend - a US Army officer, certified personal trainer, and weightligting enthusiast - to give me short but intense crossfit workouts that I can complete in 15-20 minutes after work, with no equipment. On the weekends, I run and conduct sprint workouts at the track near my building, also under the guidance of my boyfriend. Granted, I've only been working out for about two weeks but I can already see and feel the changes in my body. It motivates me to keep going.

Phase 2 involves making use of the one month membership to a boxing gym that my boyfriend is giving me for my birthday. We're both pretty excited about this, as he loves boxing and I want to see what it's all about.

Phase 3 involves me getting a gym membership and starting to lift. With his guidance, I'll learn to do things the right way and start building strength. I'll also make use of the pool, cardio equipment, and group fitness classes to supplement my weight training.

Phase 4 is the big test. I want to get back in shape to do a sprint distance triathlon. Once I've progressed a ways in my lifting, I'll scale it back a bit to focus more on endurance and technique in running, biking, and swimming. Ultimately, I'd like to cap off this process by competing in a triathlon.

I'm giving myself a year to complete all this, knowing full well that might be an ambitious goal. Maybe the triathlon training won't start till 2014. Maybe I'll love lifting so much that I won't want to sacrifice gains in that area to focus on endurance training. Who knows. The important thing is that I'm getting back out there and pushing my body every day. I'm also making changes in my diet - eliminating snacking during the day, dramatically reducing sweets and sugars, trying to cut down on salt, making sure I eat plenty of veggies - that will help with this process too. I know that I may have to make more drastic changes if I want to be an elite athlete, but for now I'm just focusing on making exercise a part of my daily life.

So that's me. Little by little fighting back against the desk job.


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