Fight - student project

This is my project for this class, I focus on creating two new characters that are the students of a character that I published in a previous project "Genji Oheir"Fight - image 1 - student project

Aloy Ren and Kerem Spruce, both begin a beautiful friendship that reaches the point of considering themselves as "brothers", but at one point Kerem begins to be jealous of her because her relationship with her teacher is of greater relevance and assigns her better missions. That starts to drive him into the "dark"

Make several sketches of the two of them up to one where there is a fight between the two of them in the "kingdom of fire",


Fight - image 2 - student project

Fight - image 3 - student project

Fight - image 4 - student project

Fight - image 5 - student projectAnd she'll try to bring it up again, but it won't work.

Fight - image 6 - student projectIn the final drawing I decided to change the design of the aloy horns.The emotion that is most represented would be kerem's hatred towards aloy